Pension Forecast

Pension Forecast

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We feel that our unique difference in the pensions industry is that we conduct our business fully online through our pensions website - after all this is how you came to visit us in the first place.

Usually if you arrange a pension via personal visit to an Independent Financial Adviser, you will pay for the consultant's time and advice - however, if you allow us to deal with all your pension requirements via our free online service, you can benefit from our much lower business costs.

The first step is to check out all the available information on the site and then complete the enquiry form and we will be happy to provide all the help we can regarding your pension options and choices.

The main thing people want from their pension a good income when they are no longer working. For employees or the self-employed the day when we financially no longer need to work may be further away than ever before.

When you do retire you are able to take a maximum of a quitter of the fund as tax free cash the rest has to be taken in the form of an income. This is not tax free and is taxed as unearned income. If your pension is a low amount then it will be tax free if your income is below the tax threshold.

Retirement plans set up by employers especially blue chip companies or the government are generally the best especially if they come with guarantees.

For the most part though, employees and all the self-employed, have no option but to pay into a private pension. This comes with no guarantees and offers a less certain future.

So for the best possible start to your retirement plans get a pension quote by speaking to a qualified adviser now by completing the enquiry form.

Just Before You Buy Your Annuity, Compare the available Annuity Rates First

Getting the right annuity rate can be a complicated task if it’s something you have never done before. If you live in the UK then comparing annuity rates is a must in order to get the most suitable one for you. There are so many different types and so many factors that will have an effect on how much the pension companies offer you in exchange for your pension.

Getting the right annuity rate for your retirement will mean arranging the one which is best suited to your personal circumstances and boosts your retirement income for life.

Annuity rates in UK differ from one provider to another by an alarming degree. That is the reason why you seriously have to search to get the best fit for your retirement plans. In addition, there are companies like us who can help you with your search so that you will be able to secure the best pension annuity.

Therefore, don't hesitate to seek help by completing the “Free Quote” request form since this could be one of the most important decisions you are going make in your life.